Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Graduation 2010!!!

After 7 very long years in graduate school, I walked on Saturday. What a feeling!! I actually don't remember much on the stage, damn long-term memory storage being disrupted by anxiety! But I feel so free, like I have so much free time...Its weird and exhilarating all at once. I start to question why I went through this process in the first place and I remember that I will always have a degree. No matter what happens or where I end up in life, I will be able to support myself. After leaving my ex-husband I felt so lost and alone. I now know I will always be able to care for myself and my family.
The single best part of graduation was the family. Everyone came up and it was such a blast. We smoked like chimneys, although we all "quit" several months ago. Ahh, group think. My family is amazing. Hilarious, silly and so damn supportive. I miss them terribly. I didn't think the trip would go so well. Usually I get my feelings hurt but I think I feel so confident in myself and my life that it just didn't matter. And, more importantly, there was noone there with that negative attitude that has been so prevalent in past family get-togethers. I felt like I really connected with my family again..This is an amazing feeling and I have missed it terribly.

I don't know how to move the pictures around...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our New House!!!

We put the final offer down on
Monday and then this house is ours (fingers crossed!). We have been going between freaking out and super excited.
I am currently at the excited phase
=) Since this is a Fannie Mae house we have to close in 30 days so its going to be ours real soon!!

Here is the address and MLS
1502 NW 51st TERR , Gainesville, FL 32605
MLS# 305787

We only have pictures from the
real estate website for now, more to come!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The WONDERFUL Kenny and Ellie leased me a horse for the summer (yah, you may need to read that sentence again...)  and it is the greatest thing ever.  Chris came with me to my ride on Monday and took a bunch of photos of me.  Her name is May and she is the definition of super cool.  Shes really quick and I have to slow her down all the time cause she just wants to race around.  It is such great exercise too!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Virgin Islands

Because I am a spoiled brat, Chris took me to the Virgin Islands for Valentine's Day!! We went straight to St. John and stayed on that island the whole time. We only went to St. Thomas for our flight and we were glad to get out of there. St. John is quiet and has a small town feel while St. Thomas is a cesspool of loud shop-keepers.
When we arrived on St. John we shopped around and took adorable pictures on stairs =)
When we got to our hostel we were excited!  The view was unreal.  We were up on a cliff over
 looking the water.  The room was a little rustic.  It had plywood floor, tin roof, and was walled in by screening!  We could hear the birds and water all night long, it was amazing!

The first day we went snorkeling on Trunk Bay which was beautiful.  Unfortunately it was too rough and we couldn't see anything so we trekked to the other side of the island to a cove where we saw great coral reefs.  It took about an hour by bus and then we hitched a ride back with a nice couple from Colorado.  We were both pretty tipsy by the time we got back to the main downtown area so we stayed for some more drinks and wasted the night away laughing and

The next day we went to our next place, a campsite with beachfront cabins.  This place was also very cute and quite close to the other place, but my heart was still at the first hut we stayed at =)  I can't really remember what we did the next day, but we were definietly partying and having a wonderful time.

It was a great little get-away and the most amazing Valentine's Day present I have ever gotten!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ant Evolution, Part One

Check out my pimp ant farm...Jess helped me set it up but now she isn't even willing to pay ant support. Don't forget your family Jessica, bad things can happen...

Please turn your volume on for maximum viewing experience.

Click to play Ant Farm Evolution,Part1
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Disney Trip

Teri, Haley, Hannah and I went to Disney world in October for our two year match anniversary.

We had a crazy time with lots of laughs and scary times on roller coasters!